The Carson City Gazette, Monday, October 17, 2005


Salary check


Study shows differences in pay for local officials


(Crystal Township officials are highest paid in the area!)



Excerpts from article


Gazette editor


The library director earns
more than the chief of police in Carson City, the supervisor of
Crystal Township makes more than the village of Hubbardston president and clerk combined


Those are just some of the findings of a recent study done by The Gazette regarding the
salary of public officials in the Carson City, Crystal and Hubbardston areas.




City, township


and village officials

The salaries of the heads of Carson City, Crystal and Hubbardston vary widely.

Crystal Township Supervisor Bill Powell earns the most with a $6,000 salary . Bloomer Township Supervisor E.J. Horricks makes a salary of $4,430. Carson City Mayor Dan Herald is paid $125 per city meeting with a limit of 24 meetings (or $3,000) per year. Hubbardston Village President Janet Dailey earns the least
amount of money for her duties $1,500 per year.

Bloomer Township Clerk Don Baese makes $6,200 a year while Treasurer Steve Crouse makes $7,540. Bloomer Township trustees each earn $1,267.

Carson City Council members



Crystal Township Clerk Nan Hagerman and Treasurer Paula Plank each earn $9,000 while Crystal Township trustees Richard Chalmers and John Hagerman each earn $1,860, with the possibility of more for extra meetings.


In comparison, Hubbardston Village Clerk Sheila Thurston
earns $3,200 (for 25 hours per month) while Treasurer Sue Geselman earns $2,500 (for 25 hours per month) plus a 1 percent administration fee for her tax collection duties. Hubbardston Village Council trustees Rose Clark, Mary
Dalton, Bill Mitchell and Terry Norton each earn $40 per meeting.


The seven members of the Carson City-Crystal Board of Education President Tom Wilcox, Vice President John
Ratu, Treasurer Keary Richardson, Secretary Nancy
Seals and trustees Brian Glaser, Susan Hogan and Andrea Tabor earn $200 per year, which
they have donated back to the school district for the past two years.




Police, fire and more

Carson City Police Chief Frank Griswold earns an annual salary of $33,917. Carson City's full-time officer, Justin Beck, earns $27,449 while part-time officer Jeff Hilliker earns $13.53 per hour.

Other Carson City salaries


$31,826 for Department of Public Works Director Dan Curtis and $35,211 for Carson City/Crystal Library Director Beth O'Grady.


In Crystal, Department of Public Works Sewer Operator Dan Eller earns $37,500 while Department of Public Works Supervisor Gerald Alexander earns $16,800 for 40 hours per week six months of the year and 20 hours per week six months of the year.


Hubbardston's Department of Public Works director, Earl "Gene" Geselman, earns $400 plus $10 per hour.


The volunteer firefighters in Carson City, Crystal and Hubbardston earn $10 to $20 for their services.


Carson City firefighters earn $20 per run, $10 per meeting and $5 per special service. The same is true for Carson City Fire Chief Dan Kipp, who also earns a yearly salary of $400.


Crystal Township Fire Chief Lonny Fitzpatrick earns $1,500 a year plus $10 per run and $5 per hour after the first hour. month plus $10 per hour for runs and $10 per month for fire meetings.


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