CLA Fish Stocking

On July 9, 2005 the CLA voted unanimously to allocate up to $1000 for a fish re-stocking program.

FAQs (Frequenty Asked Questions)
Q. How long has the lake been stocked?
A. Since 1978

Q. What is the stocking plan?
A. Since the early '90's the DNR's stocking plan is to stock walleye spring fingerlings every other year at 1000 per acre. Crystal Lake is 724 acres. = 72,400

Q. Has it been consistent?
A. In 2002, rearing pond failures prevented our stocking the lake and so it was planted in 2003 instead

Q. When was the last stocking?
A. On June 9, 2011  the DNR stocked 67,000 spring fingerling walleye.

Q. Is it successful?
A. Mike Bennett AKA"Walleye" thinks so. Picture below.

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Title: Why does the northern pike and walleye season end on 3/15 for Lower Peninsula in

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